Wednesday 6th November, 2019

A Parent and Family Support Adviser (PFSA) can support you and your family if you are experiencing difficulties which may be having an effect on your child’s education. Once referred to me I can:
  • Give a listening ear
  • Provide a friendly, supportive service
  • Support families in crisis
  • Be an advocate for parents/carers and children always aiming to empower them
  • Arrange to meet you at your home or school
  • Book appointments at times convenient to you
  • Help you and your family succeed
  • Use assessment tools such as EHA (Early Help Assessment)
  • Work 1:1 with children
Difficulties can include: Housing Benefits ,Health issues, Relationships, Family issues, Behaviour, Parenting, Attendance, Bullying, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Drug / Alcohol misuse, Sexual Health – anything which may have an effect on your child’s education.
I also have a twitter feed and blog to support parents and children’s mental and emotional well-being:
Twitter: @HuishCLPPFSA

Suzy Wedley PFSA for all Huish CLP Primary Schools

Tel: 07825 833556
Suzy Wedley
Primary Parent and Family Support Adviser
Based at Long Sutton Primary 
07825 833556
01458 241434