Plans for September

Saturday 20th June, 2020

It is still unclear exactly how the new term will begin. As said already, this seems to change daily.

Rest assured we are following government guidelines and are determined to ensure that the needs of our children are our priority.

I will be writing to you before the academic year draws to a close. We are still working hard to raise the standards of teaching and learning within our schools and staff have worked extremely hard during this time to not only ensure the ‘home-schooling’ materials have been with you but behind the scenes that have also been working with other professionals to ensure that vulnerable children remain safe and well. They have also made regular contact with all of the families within the school community and have often gone beyond their duty to provide food vouchers, food parcels and internet accessibility.

The kindness, care and commitment of the staff continues as families now enter the ‘new normal’

As HRH Prince Charles stated:

Teachers are now the key to recovery’

We have none of us ever experienced this situation before. We do not have a script. Some of us are still in a lockdown, others fearful to come out of it, others anxious about finances, work and families.

Please be sure, we are survivors of this pandemic and with care and kindness we shall get back our resilience and our ability to learn and make progress. It will not happen overnight. Different children and families will have experienced different situations and we must not be too hasty with ourselves to get back to ‘normal’ as if nothing has happened

Our children may be quieter, noisier, more troubled, anxious, fearful, angry, restless, have difficulty sleeping, have difficulty keeping awake, miss their family, (hate their family!) ……

If you have a concern about your child, please share your concern with our teachers…. you will not be alone in this.

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