"Welcome to Middlezoy and Othery Schools and Hatchlings Foundation Stage Unit.
When you enter our schools, you will find happy, secure and inclusive schools in which everyone is valued and respected. You will meet a team that nurtures the child’s creativity and individuality, whilst still maintaining the highest aspirations for all.
Our shared goal is that each child discovers the enjoyment of learning, gaining the confidence to reach their full potential. It is important to us that our children become resilient, resourceful and reflective independent learners. To achieve this they are encouraged to solve problems, develop good communication skills and work as part of a team.
The schools are part of the Levels Academy Trust and enjoy a strong and supportive partnership with the other Trust schools. This enables our teachers and children to benefit from shared expertise and resources, all of which allows us to offer a wider variety of learning experiences to our children.
The best way to really experience our schools is to visit them, feel free to contact the school office and arrange a tour."

Interim Head - Linda Moss
Head Teacher

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14 July 2020

A story from Mrs Greedy

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10 July 2020

A message for Year 6

Thank you Year 6 for all of the happy memories that you have provided us with during your time at… READ MORE

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At Othery village school, we run a Foundation Stage Unit called Hatchlings. This means that children can come to our setting from the age of 2 years. They will remain in the Foundation Stage unit until the end of their Reception Year.

For more information, visit our Hatchlings page.